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AVR USBASP Programmer (USB Cable free)

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http://onlinetps.com/shop/images/new.gifNew USB Port Supported AVR Microcontroller Programmer USBASP

Now you can program AVR chip through Laptop also. Works on both Windows and Linux OS.
A complete solution for programming popular AVR series of micro controllers Like Atmega 8,8L,16,16L,32,32L etc and many more . Works under multiple platforms.like Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.Now a days many new computers and almost all laptops doesn't have a serial or parallel port, this USB port  based Programmer solves the problem moreover it is faster than serial or parallel port programmers.This is latest USB port based AVR Microcontroller Programmer - Now you can program AVR chip through Laptop also. Works on both WindowsXP ,7 and Linux OS ,easily Interface with popular programming softwares like AVRDUDE .
Instruction Manual
and user-friendly software available.
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Supporting Software


  • Khazama AVR Programmer is a Windows XP/Vista/Win7 GUI application for USBasp and avrdude. ( Install above software and load drivers from following path on your PC C:Program Fileskhazama.comKhazama AVR Programmerwin-driver)
  • AVRDUDE supports USBasp since version 5.2.
  • BASCOM-AVR supports USBasp since version
  • AVRDUDE Also Support for Linux.


Add-on Recommended
* 10 Pin FRC Cable - 12" (1 Feet)

Connector Pin Description *

*Please See Note for Pin No.2
Pin Description

Pin No. 1- MOSI
Pin No. 2- No Connection / +5V out for micro-controller programming if [+5V Out]  jumper set
Pin No. 3- No Connection
Pin No. 4- No Connection
Pin No. 5- Reset
Pin No. 6- No Connection
Pin No. 7- SCLK
Pin No. 8- GND (Ground)
Pin No. 9- MISO
Pin No. 10- GND (Ground)


  • Model: TPS-00596

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